You ask for one time tracking software to google, and it gives you 100s of options to choose from. Adding extensively to the already existing problems. 

How many hours have you spent on researching before stumbling upon right here?

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Cutting long discussion short, We have answered your prayers to find one platform that can provide answers to all your queries and save you time. Well, obviously you need to save time because time is money. And, a good entrepreneur must not spend any penny unwisely. 

Coming to point, today we are giving you a solution and fool-proof comparison of which is the best workforce monitoring software that you can directly signup to after reading this blog. 

In almost every research of yours you must have come across the above top 4 names: 

Hubstaff vs Workstatus Vs Workpuls Vs Timedoctor

So today, we will simply compare the best from the rest and pick a better software for you.

This blog will give you detailed information about the 360* perspectives on how to choose the most appropriate employee monitoring software for your business. 

Let us now get started. 

Questions you must ask before conducting your research for a work hour calculator or a time tracking software

  1. Why do you need time tracking software?
  2. Do you only need a system for tracking time or are you expecting more?
  3. What is your business size?
  4. What environment are you working in? Remote, office, or hybrid?
  5. Do you have multi-tasking managers or a simplified HR department?
  6. What are your productivity criteria? 
  7. What is your overall budget?
  8. What will be the integration process for integrating the time tracking software?
  9. What are the different features offered by workforce management software in the market?
  10. How many varied features does your business require currently?

Once you pen down answers to the above integral questions, finding suitable software will become easy. So before you move forth, take a moment and pen down answers to the above questions. 

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Okay so now if you’re through, let’s move to our most awaited comparison of the top 3 and 1 newly added, but looks promising employee monitoring software. 

1. Hubstaff:


Hubstaff is the best choice for employee productivity management. With its insightful features, you can accurately track and improve team members’ time on task as well as monitor navigation habits in order to make sure that they’re getting everything done within a certain deadline or budget limit without feeling like their work isn’t being taken seriously enough because it looks easy from afar!

Hubstaff is a flexible employee time tracking app that can be used in many different industries, devices, and employee setup. You don’t need to worry about compatibility with your employees’ devices as Hubstaff supports Windows, macOS, Chrome, Android. It also comes at no cost if you’re looking for a free trial or money-back guarantee – there’s something perfect for everyone here.

Free plan: $0.
Basic plan: $7 per user, per month.
Premium plan: $10 per user, per month.
Enterprise plan: $20 per user, per month.

2. TimeDoctor

Time Doctor is an online employee time tracking and employee monitoring solution for remote monitoring as well as busy professionals to track their productivity. Its simple installation takes less than 5 minutes, so it’s easy for anyone with an internet connection at home or work! Time doctor automatically starts whenever your computer does – which means you won’t miss any important information about what applications have been used when scanning through reports later on down the line. It also tracks websites accessed by employees while logged into TimeDoctor along with screenshots taken every X amount of minutes (X can be changed in settings).

With Time Doctor, you can track the time taken for each task or project accurately and generate powerful reports to identify productivity issues so that improvements can be made.

With the automatic processing of payroll and client billing as well as website usage tracking; employees are more productive while using company resources wisely too!

3. Workpuls

Workpuls provides employers with the perfect solution for tracking employees’ daily workflows. This platform caters to various industries, including architecture; insurance; healthcare – both in rural areas or hospitals that cater specifically towards patients suffering from chronic illnesses like diabetes and high blood pressure (Call Center Agent); law firms who need their staff members focused on making clients happy instead of answering phones all day long while working away at another job (Paralegal). Workpuls even offers remote jobs so individuals don’t have any boundaries when it comes down to choosing what type of position is right for them!

Workpuls has a wealth of standard features, including real-time activity monitoring and productivity tracking. These let you keep an eye on your staff members to make sure they stay productive all day long! The software also provides timekeeping capabilities with its ability to take up to 30 screenshots per hour for review if needed.

Workpuls offers monthly and annual plans at $6.40 to $8 per employee, per month and automatic time-tracking plans at $12 to $15 per employee, per month.

4. Workstatus


Developed to cater to different business domains, WorkStatus is one of the well-known time tracking tools among organizations and freelancers. Built after considering the necessity of productivity and time management, WorkStatus aims at activity management and automated monitoring for employers and employees.

This app not only facilitates time tracking but even manages the complete workflow and workforce requirements. Being an innovative tool, it is customized for different businesses, including contractors, software developers, cleaning, engineers, remote workers, startups, SMEs, and even enterprises.

WorkStatus is a free employee monitoring tool that can be accessed on Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android.

What are the Core Features of WorkStatus?


  • A single tool for time tracking with facial recognition
  • Analytics system and visuals that are intuitive and easy to understand
  • Easy to integrate with 3rd party applications
  • Fast and easy bulk scheduling, with the ability to make quick modifications
  • Most reliable GPS tracking software with time tracker app
  • It measures productivity with weekly hours calculator


  • A single tool for time tracking with facial recognition
  • Analytics system and visuals that are intuitive and easy to understand
  • Easy to integrate with 3rd party applications
  • Fast and easy bulk scheduling, with the ability to make quick modifications
  • Most reliable GPS tracking software with time tracker app
  • It measures productivity with weekly hours calculator

There are many strong ways to decide which workforce management tools are the best fit for your needs. These solutions can be large or small, cloud-based or on-premises, and fully automated or human-powered! It all depends on what you’re looking forward too so figure out first how much time will it take from now until then with these kinds of systems in place? 

If we go back a bit further there’s also something called ROI evaluation – this helps us determine whether an investment was worth making as soon as possible after purchase by examining cost per unit hours worked (e.g., does automation reduce labor costs more than HR functionality?) Once those questions have been answered satisfactorily evaluate each solution according to its promises against reality.

You must have spent your maximum time on the comparison chart above comparing all the perspectives. While Workpuls and Timedoctor do not provide many features, Hubstaff covers more and Workstatus is even an extension to features that even Hubstaff is unable to provide. 

Workstatus is enhancing the overall time tracking software experience to complete workforce management software for an organization. But, at comparatively lower costs. Therefore, you get all and more at a lesser price.

Well, we hope you must have found your solutions by now. At, Workstatus we have tried to simplify time tracking and workforce management for you by amalgamating features of time tracking, attendance tracking, and employee monitoring for you. You can easily keep track of employees productivity without spying on them. 

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