Online learning was always there. Long before, when online learning was initiated in the 1990s, it made it easier to learn skills online. Also, it had brought many opportunities to learn as a whole. Online learning platforms like Byjus had initiated online learning on various subjects and brushing up the qualities to crack the entrance exams and interviews. From 2011, many students started opting for e-learning platforms to gain expertise in subjects and get a better career path.

However, the initial acceptance of online learning was not at broader levels globally. Many offline institutes were not ready to accept online learning platforms and were confined to the traditional learning process. Thus the market of online institutes was slow.

But, Covid-19 transformed the e-learning market with the closure of schools and institutes. According to UNESCO, in March 2020, over 1.2 Billion students were affected due to the closure of institutes. In April 2020, around 5.4 Billion students started learning lessons that were live-streamed to overcome the gap of studies.

COVID impact on global education

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Slowly, the acceptance of online learning increased. According to Globenewswire, the e-learning market was estimated at 4USD Billion by 2019 and 374.3 Billion by 2026. 

As a matter of fact, the offline institutes were never ready for e-learning, but due to covid, they had no option other than to accept it. However, when these institutes accepted the online learning process, they faced several challenges in managing and monitoring students because of no prior planning.

Here, we will discuss the hurdles institutes faced while managing students during online classes.

What issues are faced by offline institutes in online learning?

online learning

All offline institutes started to streamline the classes and train students online. Since the online platform was an all-new source for the institutes to deliver courses, they were unaware of the online management process. Thus, they faced many consequences. Check out the hurdles institutes met:

  • Unable to monitor student’s activities
  • Failed to track students during the online exams
  • Not able to restrict students from using wrong sites
  • Asking parents to monitor students

All these troubles made offline institutes slowly lose their hold on the management of students. To eradicate these troubles, monitoring software became a much-needed tool for these offline institutes. The software will help to monitor the student’s activities. Let’s know how much the software can help in monitoring and management of the students.

How does monitoring software help to track students?

The student time tracking software works just like an employee monitoring software but with a different intent. Here’s how monitoring software works for students:

  • The monitoring software helps to track URLs when the students appear for online exams.
  • It can simplify the attendance tracking of students.
  • Student time tracking software helps to track the total time they spent time on the particular website.
  • It also provides the productivity report of each student.

Top 5 Student Time Tracking And Monitoring Software:

Top student time tracking software


WorkStatus is an all-in-one software that helps to track and manage the activities of the students. You can create a course module for the classes and share it with the students. Thereafter, you can track the students who are available for the classes. Same way, you can track the assignment for each course. By doing this, you can have insight into their productivity. It provides a detailed report of the students comprising their productivity level and completed assignments. Workstatus has multiple features and is very easy to operate.

Week Plan

It shows your plan by day, week, or month and helps you schedule tasks accordingly. You can manage tasks, plan out the work according to priority and share the week’s plan sheet with the students. You can even mention the learning classes, task submissions, and assessment tests in your weekly plan. It has a timer so that you can focus on work sprints. 

The paid version costs $67/year and has features like reminders, repeating tasks, subtasks, email, and SMS.


This app helps to track internet usage and has a dashboard where your tracked time is shown. Furthermore, it has blocking features that will stop students from surfing restricted websites thus preventing students from getting distracted. Also, integrating with Zapier will help you get daily summaries in your inbox.


It is a simply designed browser and desktop app that is built to track your time. You can pause and start the timer from where you had paused. For instance, you work for 25 minutes and seek a 5 minutes break. You can change the default settings and get the timer automatically started. Also, knowing the 5 mins break is coming, your students will happily work just like in an institute.


This student time tracking software helps you determine whether or not you have completed the assignment. But, if you fall off the wagon, you will have to pay the price. Thus, institutes can use this software by setting the daily homework and the last date of submission. If any student fails to submit the assignments, he or she can be reprimanded.


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Final words

Switching to online learning was difficult for the offline institutes, but the student time tracking and monitoring software helped them to manage students smartly. Therefore, we can say that the software has become a savior during this pandemic for the educational sector.


Q. Which is the best student time tracking software?

A. The best student time tracking software is WorkStatus as it has all features to monitor and manage the activities of the students.

Q. How does monitoring software help to track the online activities of the students?

A. Check out how the monitoring software helped to track the students:

  • The monitoring software helps to track the URLs when the students are appearing for online exams.
  • It simplifies the attendance tracking
  • The software helps to track the total time they spent time on a particular website
  • It also provides a productivity report of each student.

Q. Which issues are majorly faced by offline institutes faced in online learning?

A. The major issues faced by the institutes in providing online learning classes were:

  • Unable to monitor student’s activities.
  • Failed to track the students during the online exams
  • Not able to restrict students from using restricted sites
  • Asking parents to monitor students

Q. How COVID-19 evolved online learning to great extent?

A. According to Globenewswire, the e-learning market was estimated at 4USD Billion by 2019 and 374.3 Billion by 2026.

Q. Which student time tracking software is suitable for my budget?

A. The WorkStatus software is budget-friendly software that can help you track and monitor the activities of your students.