Do you know that the global market for employee monitoring tools enhanced by 108% in April and 170% in May 2020 related to searches conducted the preceding year?

Since remote working has become the new reality, hundreds of employee monitoring tools have seized the market. From random screenshots to webcam access, these surveillance apps can record nearly everything workers do on their systems.

However, are the employee monitoring tools a threat to privacy? 

At organizations, monitoring and privacy invasion both coexist with business. Employers are authorized to understand where their money is going and how they can boost the production rate, leading to employee privacy intrusion.

Why Do Companies Monitor Their Workers?

Why Do Companies Monitor Their WorkersNumerous business leaders practice various employee surveillance and monitoring to review their workers’ activity in the present arena.  

The study reveals that around 80% of the largest organizations track their employees’ keystroke logs, emails, and more. 

The central purpose for such a choice is to wish to defend their business and improve their workforce’s efficiency that turns out to be essential in a period of crisis. 

One of the core problems in a company is the inappropriate management of working hours. The recent researches reveal the following employees’ statistic:

  • 46% read news and private mail daily;
  • 64% exercise 15 minutes to one hour for private business;
  • 26% use social media at the workplace.
  • 33% use separate messengers to choose personal questions daily.

Add here the workers with frequent early leaves or late comings, frauds who may seem in every corporation, and other such factors lead to severe organization losses or sometimes, even to business failure.

What Are the Different Types of Employee Monitoring?

Different Types of Employee Monitoring

To prevent the misuse of time and boost safety, business leaders use various employee monitoring strategies. Some of the most famous among them are as followed:

  • Computer Screen Monitoring Tools

A screen monitoring tool assists in tracking the employees’ activities they perform on their systems. It reveals the applications they use, the accuracy of data entered, the speed, the company’s network traffic, the time spent off the computer, and much more.

  • Video Surveillance

This monitoring aids you to pursue employees’ behavior. The cameras situated in prominent fields are dedicated to preventing harassment and pilferage.

  • Secret Investigators and Operatives

A few organizations follow hiring workers whose core job is to regulate the actions of other employees.

  • Location Tracking

Location tracking apps offer accurate GPS location solutions and geofences for companies of all sizes. The surpass simple monitoring gives a robust management tool for remote companies, mobile fleets, and sales teams. 

As soon as you start accumulating the time and location of your employees, you would be able to manage your staff efficiently.

Why Are Employee Monitoring Tools Gaining So Much Attention?

Believe it or not, over 60% of workers utilize the internet to explore useless stuff during their work time.

Therefore, implementing employee monitoring software helps you track your employees’ activities effortlessly. Here are the key advantages of a monitoring utility:

  • Helps in Boosting Productivity

Using employee monitoring software helps you to track employees’ productivity and determine how efficient they are. 

Once you have a report, you can give your feedback to the team and tell them some tips to be more productive or how to manage things effortlessly. Eventually, they will be able to deliver more.

  • Give Real-Time Analysis 

They give a real-time view of your employees and examine activity so that you can know how employees spend their time, why they are less productive, and share your feedback as per the data.

  • Assists in Analyzing Remote Employees Performance Evaluation

Performance evaluation is a necessary component of any company, and when operating a remote team, this can be a difficulty. An employee productivity monitoring utility removes these hurdles and makes it simpler for administrators to recognize productive, unproductive, and idle employees.

  • Enhanced Security

Employee monitoring tools let you see stored documents, installed apps, sites visited, and texts sent on organization property, such as mobile devices and computers.

It monitors company files, account data, and client information. This can defend your corporation from insider threats, safety breaches, and unusual behaviour.

Which is the Best Employee Monitoring Tool?

Finding the right tool is difficult; however, you cannot trust any random software. This is why we have come up with an innovative tool, i.e., WorkStatus

Developed with innovative features, our tool specializes in tracking and security solutions. Some of its core features are:

  • Task management.
  • Screenshot capturing.
  • Time tracking.
  • Productivity monitoring.
  • Detailed timesheets and time record reports checking.
  • Project budgeting to tracking milestones.

Customized for different businesses, WorkStatus can manage the complete workflow and the workforce requirements. It is a handy app for all, from software developers to agencies to individual freelancers.

Final Thoughts

Remote environments are full of diversions, and without a productivity monitoring tool, employees operating remotely or digitally could be influenced by distractions. 

With employee monitoring software, workers can measure themselves and encourage a little more to accomplish their purposes more efficiently and productively. Thus, I don’t think these tools are a threat to you or your employees’ privacy. 

If you are also planning to opt for an employee time tracking tool, then the options are many. But WorkStatus is one of the best and well-recognized software. 

Packed with multiple features, this tool has now become the first choice of businesses. Besides, it is free of cost and supported by multiple devices, including Android, iOS, Mac, and more. 

So, what is your favorite employee monitoring tool?  Tell me in the comment section below!

Frequently Asked Questions

Ques. What tools are used for employee monitoring and tracking?

Ans. It depends on the company’s security needs but one can generally expect to include GPS monitoring, geo-fencing, remote wipes of sensitive data stored on phones or tablets. Some of the employee monitoring tools that can be used for employee monitoring are-

  • WorkStatus
  • Teramind
  • Work Examiner
  • Hubstaff
  • InterGuard

Ques. Does employee monitoring software affect productivity?

Ans. Employee monitoring is one of the most effective methods to keep productivity high, establish accountability, and track time spent during working hours. When done correctly, it can aid in boosting revenue and productivity. Employee monitoring software tools also raise privacy concerns, lowers morale among employees, and might lead to legal difficulties.

Ques. What are the disadvantages of employee monitoring?

Ans. With employee time tracking tools, employees may feel their privacy has been stolen or violated. If monitoring appears excessive, it might not be easy to keep staff engaged in bringing desired outcomes. Poor monitoring can indicate a lack of trust, which may lead to ill will and reduced output.

Ques. How do you monitor workers’ productivity?

Ans. The best way to monitor worker productivity is by using computer screen monitoring tools like WorkStatus. This tool tracks time spent at the computer, idle time away from the computer, and reminds workers when they’ve reached their desired work hours. This way, managers can benchmark employees against each other and know exactly how productive they are on any given day.