Singing Christmas carols with joy!!

The joyous and loving holiday is rapidly approaching. The festive mood is sky-high as the sounds of hymns and carols fill the air. Who doesn’t enjoy celebrating Christmas with all of the decorations, food, merriment, and more?

We at Workstatus are delighted to offer our new customers the greatest discount of 60% this year in order to show our love and appreciation!

Get a flat 60% discount on our yearly subscriptions. The discount is valid from 15th Dec 2021 to 15th Jan 2022 on all fresh signups. Workstatus wishes you a merry Christmas and happy holidays!!

You might be wondering if we are offering fewer features with discounted prices? No

You will get the same number of features as with the original pricing. Here are the details of some of the features Workstatus is offering-

1. Project Budgeting

Workstatus is an excellent workforce management software that allows you to keep track of your project budget in real-time.

You will know how much money you are spending and where your money is going.

2. Productivity Measurement

You can keep track of time for tasks performed by your employees, contractors, freelancers, etc. With employee monitoring software like Workstatus, you will have statistics to measure your team’s productivity and turn that into a monetary value.

3. Business Intelligence

Workstatus has a powerful reporting engine that provides you with predefined reports and the ability to create customized reports.

Predefined reports provide information on the number of tasks completed, percent complete of a particular task, average time spent per individual/team, etc.

4. GPS Tracking

Being the best GPS tracking software, Workstatus provides you with the ability to track your team’s movement in real-time. You will know where they are and what they are doing.

Other features include-

Avail of any of our below packages as per your business needs. The new pricing has been given below-

Plan Name                       Pricing
Starter Package (for 2 users) $40
Scale Package (for 2 users) $80
Enterprise Package (for 2 users) $144

The Christmas season just got a lot better, that’s for sure!

Avail the biggest year-end bonanza now! Limited period offer!

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