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Workforce Management Software

You’ll Ever Need
  • Manage shifts and attendance of your employees online
  • Automate shift and track time wisely
  • Online time-off requests and balance management
  • Automated tracking with geofences
  • Run-on Chrome, Windows, Mac, and Linux
What Is

Workforce Management


Workforce management solutions is an umbrella to describe automated tools that help any firm to further optimize and increase their efficiency and overall the productivity of their entire employee base. Such automated workforce monitoring solutions help firms to eliminate day-to-day data discrepancies issues, task delegation issues, and overall workplace management woes.

An expert workforce monitoring tool helps HRs and decision-makers of the company to eliminate the redundancies of manual data collection. Such tools directly collect data by automated tracking of all the business processes to derive policy influencing insights for the betterment of the company

Remote workforce management software helps companies to better understand their functioning, increase overall productivity, and reduce operational costs through streamlined management, auto-scheduling, precise time tracking, and optimization of the present resources.

Facts You Should Know Before Automating Your

Workforce Management

70% of people globally work remotely at least once a week. More than two-thirds of people around the world work away from the office at least once every week, according to researchers.

The global mobile workforce is expected to reach 1.88 million in the year 2023. Millennials who are expected to make up 75% of the workforce by 2025 and 71% of whom expect to have at least one international assignment in their career, the demand for going global is high

Overall, companies with high employee engagement are 21% more profitable. Employee engagement increases productivity in the workplace. Engaged employees outperform their peers that are not engaged.

According to a study on workplace engagement in the U.S, disengaged employees cost organizations around $450-550 billion each year.

The study recommends that companies focus on encouraging personal agency and that they use workforce management tools to monitor and maintain personal engagement.

Here Are Some of The Business Benefits of

Workforce Management System

You Should Know:

Removes Time Wastage

Spending your valuable operational hours on such manual processes which could be easily automated is the sheer wastage of time. 6 out of 10 companies confessed to spending 1/3rd of their daily working hours on resolving employee disputes. You can save your precious time with WorkStatus’ workforce management tool that completely automates your workforce monitoring through its AI powered intelligent software. All you have to do is just sit and relax!

Saves Overall Costs

IMS Research and Gartner estimate that between 1.5% and 3% of spending on enterprise software solutions is dedicated to workforce management. With automated solutions like that of WorkStatus, you can save up to 60% of your costs. WorkStatus presents to you a comprehensive intelligent workforce monitoring software that provides you with an all-in-one solution that you’ll ever need for managing your business. Start saving today.

Makes your business more agile and efficient

Aberdeen group's research indicates that organizations using automated staff scheduling solutions have a 4% higher workforce utilization on average – an edge that creates substantial productivity gains. With an automated approach towards your workforce management, you can better insights into your day-to-day functioning which further helps you create better decisions for the betterment of the company. You can better assess your company’s needs and assign resources appropriately without compromising on important functions and overall quality.

Boosts your employee’s morale and productivity

A study conducted by an eminent organization briefly reports that organizations achieving best-in-class performance in workforce optimization realize an '11% year-over-year improvement in employee satisfaction, versus 2% for all others. With WorkStatus you get a clear insight on the availability of your resources and delegate wisely as per your need. Your employees feel less burdened due to auto-scheduling and can dedicate their time to other activities. As a business owner, you get to optimize your business processes and derive better ROI, making it a win-win situation for your business and your employees.

What To Expect From Your

Workforce Monitoring Software

Time tracking

GPS Tracking

Keep track of your team’s movement with a GPS time tracker.

gps tracking

Attendance Management

Schedule, notify and stay updated on the team’s plans with automatic notifications via attendance tracking software.

  • Schedule shifts for teams
  • Track team or individual schedules
  • Track team or individual schedules
  • Automate reminders for shift timings
Time tracking

Customizable Reports

Robust online time reporting for faster actions and insightful decisions

  • Generate filtered and detailed online time reports
  • Accurate online time reporting for precise project completion update
  • Define cost and time boundaries for better resource assessment
  • Organize payrolls effectively for effective cashflow forecasting
gps tracking

Employee Reporting

Real-time track task progress with employee computer monitoring software.

  • Screenshot tracking to tab activities
  • Track activity by App and URL
  • Precision in activity tracking with keyboard and mouse usage
  • Seamlessly track and export reports.
  • Run-on Chrome, Windows, Mac, and Linux
Time tracking

Employee Scheduling

Improve the productivity of your entire workforce with an employee scheduling software

  • Easy to use employee scheduling software
  • Online employee shifts and attendance management
  • Time tracking with shift management
  • Online time-off requests and balance management
  • Automated tracking with geofences
gps tracking

Field Staff Management

Field services tracking is now made more comfortable with mobile trackers to track every movement precisely.

  • Manage your moving workforce with Workstatus
  • Track time automatically with geofences
  • Precise reporting with automation
  • One dashboard for all teams
Time tracking


Auto-Create Geofences to Manage Mobile Teams

  • Automatic tracking at the on-site location
  • Time-tracking is limited to job sites. Learn more about geofence breaches and timings
  • Time-tracking is limited to job sites. Learn more about geofence breaches and timings
  • Custom reporting with acute data tracking for better decision making
gps tracking

Selfie Verification

Only let your employees start time tracking post selfie verification.

  • Employee validation before time tracking
  • Most useful when working with remote teams
  • Transparent work logs and reporting
  • Mandatory approval system to enable time tracking
Time tracking

Online Invoicing

Convert Time to Invoice in a Click with Workstatus

  • Integrated online invoicing software
  • Track billable hours accurately with a time tracker
  • Automate invoicing in desired billing frequency
  • Generate professional invoices with pre-designed templates
  • Track real-time invoice status
gps tracking

Precise Project Budgeting

Maximize Profits with Project Management Software

  • Define budgets based on hours and pay rates
  • Define Limits and get notified
  • Detailed reports for more visibility
  • All-in-one integrated project budgeting and management software
Time tracking

Acute Productivity Measurement

Give Your Business the Most Productive Environment

  • Improve overall team productivity
  • Track activities, URLs, Screenshots
  • Precise time tracking
  • Fully packaged productivity tracking tool
gps tracking

Online Time Tracking

With Workstatus you focus more on completing tasks than staring at clocks to race against time.

  • Record time in timesheets
  • Desktop, web, and mobile apps
  • Feature-rich dashboard
  • Manage and edit online employee timesheets
  • Export manual timesheets
  • Track billable hours and get paid on time

Streamline your ROI and employee’s performance with automated remote workflow monitoring software

Automate your entire workflow monitoring to get detailed insights into your budget, projects, employee base, resources, etc, in an AI-based intelligent dashboard

Time tracking

Seamless Employee Monitoring On The Go

Experience next-gen monitoring at your fingertips. Delegate projects to your employees and get acute reports of their progress. Track their productivity with regular screenshots of their work and activity percentage. Check what they are working on and where they can improve their activities


Get Billed As Per The Time Tracked

Convert your work into the right amount! WorkStatus’ workforce monitoring software helps you track the time your employees spend on clients’ projects. Wisely plan your shifts based on the tracked time. Workstatus will also help you get notified about Late, Missed, and Abandoned shifts.

project Estimation

Assign Schedules and Manage Projects

An all-in-one dashboard of Workstatus makes sure you’re at the top of your employee management and never miss project deadlines. Track the progress of your project completion and bill your clients accordingly. Eliminate chances of erroneous activities with precise auto-scheduling and monitoring


Create Online Invoices In Just One Click

Make sure you don’t lose out on our hard-earned money. Manage your employee timesheets and bill your clients only for the hours spent on their projects. The automated online billing software streamlines your entire invoicing process by generating and sending bills online, tracking payments, and maintaining reports.

project Estimation

Insightful Custom Reports

Get customized reports to track your employee’s progress and overall activities. Organized your schedules and payroll based on the factual reports for a smoother workflow


Track Remote Employees In Real-Time

Create virtual geofences for your on-field employees to track their movement in real-time. Track their location via GPS based time clock app. No need for manual punches.

project Estimation

Automated Timesheets

Get all the insights related to your employee activities and project updates in consolidated automated timesheets. No need for manual entries approval. Simply let our expert workforce management software manage your timesheets

Workstatus for Your Device

Our lightweight app allows you and your team to track time, no matter where you are. With GPS tracking and geofences, anyone can clock in automatically when they enter a job site or get reminders based on location.

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