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Privileged User Monitoring

Activity Monitoring, Privileged Access Management and DLP Technology to Protect Your Data & IT Systems

Monitor Users with Privileged Access with Workstatus

Privileged users are significantly the most important employees/ part of an organization. They have the access to the most critical data, accounts, credentials, IT systems, and network. Because these users have access to all the critical information, it will become incredibly challenging to detect the threats beforehand. Such malicious users will have added advantage to external threats as they already have access to the information. In addition to access to all the credentials, these users also have knowledge about the company’s policies. On the other hand, stealing and hacking such privileged accounts is the number 1 choice of many hackers.

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Protect Your Sensitive Data, IP and IT Systems With Workstatus

Workstatus’ real-time employee activity monitoring and information loss prevention solutions assist you to screen privileged customers to routinely come across anomalous behaviour and suspicious pastime that signal a compromised or malicious privileged user. For example the creation of returned-door debts, the transmission of sensitive information out of doors the employer and so on.

With Workstatus’ Privileged User Management software, conduct danger evaluation, forensic research and safety auditing the use of whole consultation recording and metadata evaluation and immutable logging functions. Finally, enlarge your protection coverage with built-in integration with security records and occasion control (SIEM) and threat analytics structures. With Workstatus’ privileged employees tracking you may:

  • Track all user

    Track all users including network engineers, administrators, IT auditors, partners, vendors, developers, and remote users.

  • Loss prevention strategy

    Enforce our No-Trust data loss prevention strategy for tracking activities and implementing rules.

  • Create user profiles

    Create user profiles based on roles, duties, accessibility and monitor as per set policies.

Workstatus Privileged User Monitoring Features:

Instant Privileged User Activity Monitoring

Workstatus regulates every employee’s activities by tracking their usage of sites and applications on computer devices and mobile devices. It also tracks privileged users access and monitors every URL, apps getting used or opened frequently.

User Behavior Analytics

Constant visits to different URLs and activity monitoring will help you to track user behaviour and know of any activity, through screenshots, that might look suspicious. Track constantly visited applications and URLs to control user behavior.

Built-In Productivity Optimization

Determine which websites and applications you think are fruitful and get in-depth records on how your representatives use them. Recognize the high performers or laggards with idle vs. active time study.

Set a constant response loop to improve and adapt your organizational plan via tracking of schedules, employee engagement rate, and projects for a full productivity increase.

Compliance Management

It is possible to use Workstatus to build activity and plan based practices to support various compliance demands like executing audit trails (GDPR), prevent unencrypted file transfers (PCI DSS), reporting, limiting unauthorized login (ISO 27001), and more.

Need for Privileged User Activity Monitoring Basis Industry Statistics

Sharing USage Privilege Puts Sensitive Data at Risk

According to a survey conducted by Cybersecurity Insiders on 400000 online members, privilege users and crucial data are more prone to risks.

37% Unnecessary Privilege

34% Higher Amount of Sensitive Data

Majority of Enterprise Data Breaches Involve Privileged Accounts

A survey by Centrify of 1000 IT employees confirms about 74% data breaches involved privileged accounts.

74% Privileged credential abuse leads to data breach

Engagement is Crucial for Remote Worker Efficiency

70% of off-site employees feel out of the workplace because of the lack of information sharing and interaction methods. Source: igloo

70% Off-Site Workforce Feel Left Out of the Workplace.

A recent survey by Crowd Research Partners unfold that admins pose biggest security threats to the organization.​

55% Of organizations agree privileged users are their biggest threat

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Workstatus Tools for Privileged User Monitoring

  • Smart Rules & Automated Alerts
  • Live View & History Playback
  • Keystroke Logger
  • Website Monitoring
  • Remote Desktop Control
  • Application Monitoring

Workstatus Privileged User Monitoring Protects You from Insider Threats and Data Loss Incidents

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Centralized Monitoring & Control

The privileged user monitoring tracks every activity that an employee undertakes with over 12 elements including files, apps, mails, websites, screens, and so on. It becomes easy to enforce when you’re aware of what needs to be regulated and tab on who can access the accounts.

You can easily manage and segregate vendors and employees to control and set limits to observe. This leads to protecting both data and employee privacy.

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Smart Policy & Rules

The core advantage of Workstatus is the automation. Workstatus comes with multiple predefined regulations and laws. For example: prevent use of outside drives or threat emails.

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Real-Time Tracking and Alerts

Real-time tracking and alerts help you to review activities that led to hampering rules and by whom. Receive instant notifications of warnings and threats as soon as any suspicious activity is detected. Track activities overall or with particular individuals. Set up activity monitoring dashboards for employees and partners.

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Behavioral Abnormality Detection

Categorize activities that fall under dangerous user behaviour. Define what constitutes dangerous or harmful user behavior and Teramind’s sophisticated anomaly engine will automatically detect when a user, department or group deviates from their normal parameters or exceeds acceptable risk levels. Teramind can detect anomalies in applications, emails, network, file activities, printing and more. Immediately get notified about harmful user activity, lock out user or take remote control of the compromised system before any malicious or fraudulent attempts are made

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Remote Work Control

Control users access to log into the laptop immediately with Workstatus’ attendance tracking software. Restricting suspicious users from simply logging in to the laptop secures company’s interests and data from any harmful breaching.

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Data Access Control

Identity primarily based authentication and defined right of entry protects from unauthorized access or sharing of private statistics. You can set up an access account for every privileged consumer that is going to need authorized clearance and without problems track what each person is doing at any given time. With organization profiles, you can create distinct get admission to ranges based on departments, task characteristics or supply of get entry to (i.E. Remote/third-party and so forth.) after which outline what facts and machine sources each institution can get admission to.

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Task Recording and Audit

Workstatus visually records every action that a person makes while on a machine, taking into account both viewing and recordings. Extensive meta information and fast indexing lets in beyond incidents to be searched and retrieved in seconds. Optional audio support for the recording of each sound outputs and inputs, making sure that each one audio coming from audio system and microphones is captured. Recorded files can be exported and downloaded as MP4 documents. Immutable consultation logs and structures logs can be exported as PDF/CSV file or sent to a log monitoring and analytics software like LogRythm.

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Risk Analysis and Reduction

Workstatus has a devoted Risk dashboard where managers can conduct risk assessment surveys. Risk may come from employees, partners or remote workers. Reports may be derived via severity of dangers or by means of how frequently protection violations took place. Unique Risk Scores helps you identify high-threat users or policies in order that plans may be evolved for treating the dangers.

Workstatus for Your Device

Our lightweight app allows you and your team to track time, no matter where you are. With GPS tracking and geofences, anyone can clock in automatically when they enter a job site or get reminders based on location.

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