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Time and Attendance Management

Time tracking, attendance monitoring, and full support to your HR department to administrate employees carefully.

What is employee attendance monitoring?

Employee attendance monitoring is the process of keeping track of when an employee starts and ends their workdays.

While you can use a physical record kept in ledger for this, most companies prefer using dedicated software to do so because it’s easier than manually tracking with pen or paper by company policy which helps them quickly access data about productivity rates as well as how much time each person spends at-home versus working remotely while also helping managers make decisions based off what they see happening over longer periods rather than just short snapshots every day during lunch hour.

Monitoring employee attendance is important for a number of reasons. First, it helps ensure that the employee maintains their required work hours and you can keep track if they're overtime in compliance with laws like FLSA (Fair Labor Standards Act). Secondly, monitoring your staff's patterns will give insight into unproductive behavior or inefficient practices so steps may be taken to improve efficiency overall!

Why an organization needs time and attendance monitoring?

Automated time tracking software for employees is an inevitable part of any business project. But manually recording the invested hours becomes quite hectic, especially if you have a team and they're not all on one accord with how their work hours should be calculated or what system needs to be used in order to track them accordingly. That's why it pays off when there are solutions like automated employee-time tracking and attendance management solutions– these can automate many parts so that everyone gets accurate data at every step along the way.

One of the most widely used software in managing business or projects effectively is Workstatus. It has many industry sectors, freelancers, and companies that find employee time tracking more helpful for running their successful operation. Now, we will have to look at how Automated time tracking & attendance management software work with its features that make it a powerful tool when it comes to the management of tasks among other things.

Benefits include being able to view all employees' activities on one screen as well as track hours worked per week so you know who's been neglectful about getting done what needs to be finished before payday rolls around!

Some Interesting Facts for Attendance Monitoring

80 percent of employee attendance timesheets need correction

US employers accept that 80% times they have to manually correct timesheets submitted by employees because employees revela they cannot clearly remember working hours.

People who track their time stay more organized

62 percent of US workers and 92% of Canadian workers who track their time categorize their recorded time as- jobs, task, project, client meeting, or travel.

Most workforce in the USA is happy to get their time tracked.

95 percent of the workforce in the United States is happy to get their work hours tracked as it given them finer view of how long they’ve worked for in a day.

The average American workday is less than eight hours long

On average, US workers typically work 7.5 hours a day. Outside of working hours, men get 5.2 hours of leisure time, on average. For women, the average is 4.7 hours of leisure time.

How an Attendance Monitoring Software Works

Time tracking

Attendance Management

Schedule, notify, and stay updated on the team’s plans with automatic notifications via attendance tracking software.

  • Schedule shifts for teams
  • Track team or individual schedules
  • Automate recurring shifts
  • Automate reminders for shift timings
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Selfie Verification

Only let your employees start time tracking post selfie verification.

  • Employee validation before time tracking
  • Most useful when working with remote teams
  • Transparent work logs and reporting
  • Mandatory approval system to enable time tracking
Time tracking

Create and View Team Shifts

Create shift schedules and automate recurring shifts for your remote teams in Workstatus’ online attendance management system. Enable your team to get notified automatically about their next shift timings, and even job site for upcoming days. In your dashboard view consolidated reports of if your team is on time, late, on leave, or has abandoned the shifts.

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GPS Time Tracking

Keep track of your team’s movement with a GPS time tracker.

  • Mobile time and attendance monitoring
  • Location tracking with geofences
  • Seamless backend tracking
  • Available on iOS and Android
Time tracking

Customizable Reports

Robust online time reporting for faster actions and insightful decisions

  • Generate filtered and detailed online time reports
  • Accurate online time reporting
  • Define cost and time boundaries
  • Organize payrolls effectively
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Calculate and Boost Team Productivity

Lack of objectives and data impact employee efficiency. Workstatus BI Reporting Dashboard can provide the perception into behavioral components, including burnouts, employee disengagement, mishandling of projects, and additional hurdles.

Time tracking


Enhance employee productivity and decrease waste by pursuing employee time, task completion, app utilization, and activity-driven metrics.

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Better Administrations

Administrators can quickly get the urgent information they require with drill-down or compiled reports to granular particulars to examine any anomalies. Direct your employees to pay attention to crucial tasks making them feel engaged and more efficient.

Major Benefits Associated with workstatus- Attendance Monitoring Software

Time tracking

Better productivity and more accountability

There are many benefits to using an employee attendance monitoring software. For one, it allows you to track the number of hours each individual works and their tasks within that time period which in turn helps measure productivity levels for every person on staff or team; furthermore, this means no uncertainty about when they will be paid because we know how much work was completed by everyone.


More secure and accurate

Software sign-ins can help you to protect your team members' privacy and make their attendance data more accurate by only letting them access it when they're authorized. On top of this, digitized methods for monitoring employee's hours also tend to be a lot quicker than manual records because there is no room left for human error in the system - which means that if someone does tamper with how much time somebody else worked according to their own schedule then we'll know about it.


Freedom to host hybrid working environment

When you have a team of remote workers, how do you supervise them? Remote employee attendance monitoring software can help with this. While most systems also come equipped to monitor your employees while they work and make sure that they are actually billing their hours for client deliveries or projects completed on time every day, the right type will even allow managers like yourself to oversee what goes down in real-time from any location where internet access is available (and sometimes not). This way everyone has an open line tying everything together so there's no need at all between having face-to-face meetings over Skype conversations anymore.

Workstatus for Your Device

Our lightweight app allows you and your team to track time, no matter where you are. With GPS tracking and geofences, anyone can clock in automatically when they enter a job site or get reminders based on location.

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