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Students Time Tracking & Monitoring

Track the activity of students

What is students Time Tracking & Monitoring?

With the increasing trend of online education, keeping an eye on student activities becomes difficult. With constant student time tracking and monitoring software tracks students activities and identifies the scope of growth and optimization. While tracking time, the timer works in the backend of the device and continuously tracks navigation through sites, applications, and time investment.

Time Tracking

The ultimate goal is to track the time and activities of students while working on assignments or during exams. A student time tracking software tracks activities with screenshots and URL tracking allow access only after selfie verification.

Understand Behaviour

Teachers and management can track every student’s activities, monitor their learning hours are not getting wasted, and understand their core interest areas based on their behaviours of usage of online sites.


Monitoring students in the new era of online learning is the need of the hour. It will help in devising new strategies and plans for further accelerate the learning process.

Workstatus Student Time Tracking Features

Time tracking

Track time spent by students on projects and assignments. Set project time limits and get notified when a student reaches it. Downloads on desktop, web, iOS or Android.

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Selfie Verification

Verify students presence for projects and attendance with selfie verification. Approve verification daily of each individual before letting them sign in.

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Productivity Calculator

Track productivity of your students and check if they are utilizing the time judiciously for their learnings.

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Project Scheduling

Manage class shifts, tasks, projects, and attendance by scheduling each of it in the dashboard.

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Manage Students Effortlessly with Workstatus

Time tracking

Get Total Visibility on All Students Activity

Workstatus visually documents every activity that all students perform, which not just include your students time tracking but even user activity monitoring with taking screenshots and saving URLs.

They can be on a remote domain, local system, terminal servers, or servers. Workstatus tracks virtually all system elements and reveals what your users are doing both offline and online.

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Boost Productivity and Learning

With the Workstatus tool, you can track every student’s activity during the day, then accumulate that data to generate specific metrics like:

An analysis of project-associated vs. non-work-associated tasks

Minute-to-minute trend-charts displaying the time used on particular projects

Utilize the numerous productivity records to track growth and counsel them to guarantee they fulfill their productivity measurement objectives.

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Improve Students Engagement

Build your metrics to regulate students engagement: the active time of your home-based students. Perhaps they are devoting much time to their social media since you are not there to watch over them.

You can monitor their performance and check if they are on a degrading trend. Recognize the basis of disengagement and then regularly address them.

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Identify Unusual Performance with Automated Policy & Rules

Determine what creates hazardous or malicious user behavior and Workstatus' advanced engine will identify when a worker varies from their standard parameters or surpasses tolerable risk levels automatically.

The workstations can distinguish anomalies in file activities, apps, networks, emails, and more. Instantly get informed about serious user activity via tracking their screenshots, take remote control, or lockout the user of the negotiated system before any hateful or deceitful efforts are made.

Time tracking

Manage and Audit Remote Sign-Ins and Network Activity

Workstatus' network auditing utilities let administrators regulate network traffic for every remote user linked to your company network, their location, time, identity, and accurate IP ports used for the connection.

Besides, automated networking protocols can notify the management when questionable student activity is identified. Network regulation permits officials to block data transmissions or connections from an off-site user for single IP addresses or systems.

Workstatus for Your Device

Our lightweight app allows you and your team to track time, no matter where you are. With GPS tracking and geofences, anyone can clock in automatically when they enter a job site or get reminders based on location.

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