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Data Loss Prevention

Activity Monitoring, Priviledged Access Management and DLP Technology to Protect Your Data Effortlessly

Prevent Data Leaks, Data Beaches, IP Fraud
with a Robust Tool

Powerful protection against data leaks, IP theft, and data breaches is an approach for guaranteeing your workforce and merchants do not deliberately or inadvertently share delicate and private data outside your company

A DLP resolution uses digital investigation approaches, contextual examination, and content identification to recognize
and classify sensitive data, as well as IP

Next, rules and policies are built for data regulation circumstances. The system regulates user activities, authorizes them
against the data loss prevention rules,when a rule requirement is triggered.

Activities could comprise blocking the user, notifying an official, preventing the action,
asking management override, and more.

Prevent Data Loss, Monitor User Activity, & Detect Insider
Threats with workstatus DLP

The user-centric Data Loss Prevention resolution of WorkStatus works better than conventional DLP strategies. It adds intelligent behavioral examination to review human factors, which include accidents, malicious intent, or errors, letting you execute powerful safeguard against data breaks and other retreating efforts.

WorkStatus DLP offers the best ROI for companies of multiple sizes. It is developed to aid SMBs, the public sector, and enterprises to address cybersecurity, insider threats, and data loss.

Besides, the compliance management features of WorkStatus assist you in conforming with agreement controls, including PCI DSS, GDPR, ISO 27001, and HIPAA.

Features of Workstatus DLP

User Activity Monitoring

Check all user actions, including intermediary merchants and privileged individuals for 12+ device objects, such as application, website, email, keystroke, IM, network, and more.

Robust Policy and Rules

Workstatus comes with multiple pre-built protocols, data categories, and templates. Build your protocols with an instinctive, visual Policy, and Rules editor.

Insider Danger Disclosure

Intellectual user behavioral examination consolidated with session instant notifications, recording & playback, immutable logs, and more to help recognize insider warnings before they turned into significant problems.

Content Identification and Analysis

Locate and recognize delicate data from arranged and unarranged sources. Get in-built analysis templates for PII (Personally Identifiable Information), PFI (Personal Financial Information), PHI (Personal Health Information), etc.

Modern OCR

'On the fly' content exploration with modern OCR, RegEx, and NLP (Natural Language Processing). Identify delicate information inside images, apps, and even videos avoiding steganographic information exfiltration.

Clipboard Regulation

The Clipboard Monitoring and Interception feature of Workstatus permits you to preserve crucial information from being distributed via the clipboard copy or paste functions.

Fingerprinting & Tagging

The powerful fingerprinting, as well as tagging attributes of Workstatus, verify crucial files and documents and then observes their usage so that you can keep track of your data even when modified or shifted.

Compliance Administration

Workstatus has built-in assistance for agreement and measures, including ISO 27001, GDPR, PCI DSS, HIPAA, and more can be embraced to support additional regulatory needs with its robust Rules & Policy editor and multiple regulating and reporting aptitude.

Threat Management

Recognize high-risk users, systems, and rules on the given Risk Dashboard. Advanced danger scoring assists to distinguish and focus on high-risk regions.

Why Businesses Need Data Loss Prevention: Reasons, Impacts, and Incidence of Data Losses

Economical loss because of a data break is immense

Ponemon Institute reported in 2018, the standard value of a data violation increased by 6.4 percent between $3.86M to $350M range.

$3.86M standard worth of a violation

$3.86M standard worth of a violation

User Privilege Sets Delicate Data at Danger

As per a survey of around 400,000 people online by CI advertised on The Insider Threat 2018 record.

37% extra privilege

34% boosted the amount of crucial data

Data Loss Incidents are Increasing at a Startling Rate

The frequency of data breaks in 2018 announced by federal survey defendants is 57 percent, over 3x more expensive than what they estimated 2 years before.

300% boost in data losses in 2 years

IP damages because of cybercrime are hurting businesses globally

McAffe calculated that yearly damages for the United States from cybercrime aiming IP is around $12B and possibly $50B to $60B globally.

~$60B is the upper limit for yearly worldwide loss in IP

Workstatus DLP Provides Instant Business Profits

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Company-Wide Data Control and Visibility

Workstatus regulates each action that users make for more than 12 things, including websites, apps, emails, screen, files, and more. You can check the user actions with related safety KPIs, logs, and notifications on a central console.

Check who can use what data, when, and how- from the company's most robust, as well as user-friendly Data Loss Protection Management Dashboard.

Shift widgets to develop your organization dashboard to have company-wise information control and visibility from your smartphone or tablet.

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Auto Detection and Categorization of Delicate Information

Workstatus has built-in samples for a lot of classified and crucial information types, such as PFI (Personal Financial Information), Personally Identifiable Information (PII), Personal Health Information (PHI), GSCP, OGD, Special codes, and more.

Consolidate advanced tagging, OCR, and fingerprinting technology with several file properties, logic, file origin, data content to find out classified details in organized or disorganized data, or even pictures 'on the fly.

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Robust Policy and Rules Editor

The versatile platform and robust rules engine of Workstatus permits for the building of protocols and policies to simply address the DLP requirements of any company.

The visual Policy & Rules Editor allows officials to explain extremely complicated rules for quite distinct use cases with overlooking all external and internal disk actions, real-time message, keystrokes, app usage, social media posts, and more.

Utilize built-in distributed list/upload your text or data patterns, networking protocols to build IP black or whitelisting, common expressions, set secure or limited apps and websites, etc.

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Pre Existing DLP Rules and Policies

The essence of the Workstatus platform is its self-regulation. Workstatus comes with more than 200 pre-set policies and rules.

For instance, do not upload a confidential document, block emails that do not have delicate keywords, identify screen capture, avoid the usage of external drives, and more.

The samples consist of digitally every use-case of insider threat detection, compliance needs, and data loss prevention. Choose a rule or policy sample, and you will see the content source, data definition, and condition automatically for edition purposes.

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Avoid Data Breaches Over Network, Cloud Services, and External Drives

Utilize file transfer policies to block clipboard rules and external drives to avoid distributing confidential data, such as limit upload or download functions in the Cloud for all files or specific file time or user data outside the CRM.

Pay attention to the IMs or social media and block them automatically in case of a possible data leakage incident is discovered. There are several use-cases where Workstatus can proactively protect your information from accidental or malicious misuse or leaks.

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DLP From Insider Threats

Workstatus allows companies to build profiles for general, privileged, and external or contractual users and then determine what data, as well as system resources every profile can access.

Additionally, protocols can be positioned by behavior protocols, so that use of delicate data is separated by the company's safety policy.

Policies can be generated to inform the officials of any unusual vested user actions like unauthorized modifications or unscheduled system configuration and the building of backdoor accounts.

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Data Leakage Audit with Forensic Proof

You can view the detailed notifications for users, including any violation incidents, and what actions were executed. Warning texts are possible to configure to notify users about refusal since it concerns managing crucial data.

Authorize improving behavior with instant notifications and feedback. History playback, as well as session recordings, can be utilized to see users' desktops for review and proof gathering persistence.


Data Danger Identification and Management

Workstatus has a committed Risk dashboard where administrators can manage company-wide risk evaluation. Danger can be described by users, departments, or by content.

Stories can be determined by the hardness of hazards or by how many times safety breaches happened. URS (Unique Risk Scores) assists you to figure out high-risk customers or rules so that ideas can be built for handling the threats.

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Centralized Safety Orchestration with SIEM and Danger Analytics Mechanisms

Logs and Event Triggers from Workstatus can be forwarded to SIEM, along with other utilities, such as IBM QRadar, McAfee Enterprise Security Manager, NetIQ Sentinel, HP ArcSight, Splunk, LogRhythm, etc. letting you share threat intelligence and reports with your safety team/other departments.

Workstatus has a bunch of RESTful APIs using an easy token or endpoint framework, which can be simply used by an app supporting web service connections.

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Compliance & Privacy Administration

Workstatus has in-built compatibility for a lot of regulatory compliance measures, such as PCI DSS, GDPR, ISO 27001, HIPAA, FISMA, NIST, and more.

The detailed notifications, anomaly & risk examination, incident reports, and session logs assist you to exhibit that you have set data safety best strategies and are set to meet violation reporting and difficulty of evidence needs.

Besides, you can configure Workstatus' monitoring attributes to fulfill the individual data privacy needs set by GDPR, as well as related regulations.

Workstatus for Your Device

Our lightweight app allows you and your team to track time, no matter where you are. With GPS tracking and geofences, anyone can clock in automatically when they enter a job site or get reminders based on location.

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