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Business Intelligence Dashboard

Get Enterprise-Grade Employee Monitoring Resolution with Incorporated Business Intelligence Features

Business Intelligence Dashboard: A Brief Introduction

A Business Intelligence Dashboard (BI) is one of the robust reporting tools that uncomplicates visualization, as well as the examination of complex data.

With the help of the Business Intelligence Dashboard, a company would be able to track core performance KPIs, measures, trends, along with additional data crucial for the whole firm, teams, or departments.

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Why You Need Business Intelligence for Hybrid Organization Workforces

As businesses shift to combine employees with remote, on-site, and dispersed teams, achieving significant insight into numerous workforce is decisive to their victory.

With employee monitoring utilities, you can get significant data about employee actions. Nevertheless, they usually lack essential attributes, such as the capability of revolutionizing the 'behavioral' information into performing intelligence.

Consequently, organizations need to depend on costly resolutions that need complicated incorporation among several products like Project Management, Human Resources, Employee Monitoring, Payroll, and additional analytics software to perceive mandatory company insight.

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BI Dashboard Incorporated with DLP & Employee Monitoring Workstatus

Workstatus brings forth a company-grade BI Dashboard where analytics and reporting utilities are made in our data loss prevention (DLP) and robust employee monitoring platform.

The BI Dashboard of Workstatus stuffs the lacking hole in available employee monitoring services via interpreting raw tracking information into meaningful KPIs, as well as metrics.

The Integrated BI Tool of Workstatus will:

  • Provide all supervisors, office managers, and decision-makers with precise metrics to handle their team successfully.

  • Authorizes organization members to be more productive, focused, and certain.

  • Assist HR managers to propose policies and methods for social enhancements based on a comprehensive examination of employee behaviors.

  • Aid CSO, security investigators, DOP, and threat advisors know the human factors of insider warnings and data breaches; build mitigation strategies by precise data and analytics.

Core Features of Workstatus BI Dashboard for Effortless Working

BI, DLP, and Employee Monitoring Capabilities

Packed with astonishing DLP and employee monitoring resolutions, the BI Dashboard will let business owners arrange their business purposes with security, employee efficiency, and compliance.

Perform Multi-Level Reporting

Drill-down screens, smart lookups, and summaries for granular information examination make reporting available to the entire management effortlessly.

Multiple Pre-Built Report Templates

Users can get a lot of pre-ready report templates for multiple purposes, including productivity, performance, employees' activity, tasks, notifications, reputation, dangers, alerts, and more.

Robust Report Builder

Extremely configurable report developer. Conduct related reports, including multi-dimensional information features like app vs. tasks categories, employees vs. departments, periods, and more. Analyze report creation with filters, built-in formulas, and auto ranking.

Customize KPI Widgets

Built custom widgets with the help of any information the regulating agent captivate like login, web or app activity, console commands, emails, printing file events, and more. Display the data in heatmaps, charts, and grids for effortless visualization.

Better Collaboration

Build report clones with one click, as well as share among departments and team members. Set approval to see and modify controls.

Workstatus BI Dashboard Advantages Enterprises

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Immediate Access to Crucial Data

With Workstatus BI Dashboard, administrators can receive timely and immediate access to essential data like online activity and app, task and project engagement, work time examination, and more.

Comprehensive analysis

Now, do not waste time tracking performance reports or measure potency output. Access the entire data on a central dashboard to get a summary view or comprehensive analysis.

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Notified Decision Making

From a CEO to a department manager and security analyst, Workstatus BI Dashboard offers unparalleled unique insights into your team’s engagement and operational processes like time tracking, project management, efficiency, IT resources utilization and more.

Smart reports

The Business Intelligence functionality permits you to develop smart reports, keep track of crucial KPIs, monitor situations, and execute an imminent examination to compose data-driven choices.

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Spontaneous Exhibition of Difficult Data

The BI Dashboard of Workstatus comes with efficiency and regulating templates in appealing formats, such as charts, and more. Instantly build your reports with simple to utilize widgets, as well as a wide variety of data points.

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Contrast Situations and Trends

Compare trends, as well as data shift over time. For instance, discover productivity time over the past and current year.


You can even evaluate the influence of business modifications and new policy introduction like work from in-office performance vs. home performance.

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Calculate and Boost Team Productivity

Lack of objectives and data impact employee efficiency. Workstatus BI Reporting Dashboard can provide the perception into behavioral components, including burnouts, employee disengagement, mishandling of projects, and additional hurdles.


Enhance employee productivity and decrease waste by pursuing employee time, task completion, app utilization, and activity-driven metrics.

Better Administrations

Administrators can quickly get the urgent information they require with drill-down or compiled reports to granular particulars to examine any anomalies. Direct your employees to pay attention to crucial tasks making them feel engaged and more efficient.

Workstatus for Your Device

Our lightweight app allows you and your team to track time, no matter where you are. With GPS tracking and geofences, anyone can clock in automatically when they enter a job site or get reminders based on location.

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