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Find out all your tracking and monitoring solutions in just one software. A more intelligent and conventional solution to modern day business problems.

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User Activity Monitoring

WorkStatus user activity monitoring goes ahead of the fundamental employee monitoring by tracking functionality and augments intellectual behaviour-based examination to give automated responses and actional insight to employee-created threats.

Remote User Monitoring

WorkStatus regulates every employee’s activities by tracking their usage of sites and applications on computer devices and mobile devices. It also tracks privileged users access and monitors every URL, apps getting used or opened frequently.

Data Loss Prevention

Data Loss Prevention (DLP) is a strategy for ensuring your employees and vendors do not accidentally or intentionally share sensitive and company confidential data outside your organization.

Business Intelligence

A Business Intelligence Dashboard or BI Dashboard is a powerful reporting tool that simplifies visualization and analysis of complex data.

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Productivity Optimization

WorkStatus is an employee productivity tracking app with a data driven approach. It captures all user activities happening on devices and tracks common usage behaviour to generate reports on productivity.

Third Party Vendor Management

Third party vendors, partners, consultants and outsourced contractors often have privileged access to a company’s internal systems through root or domain administration rights.

Children/kids/student monitoring

Teachers and management can track every student’s activities, monitor their learning hours are not getting wasted, and understand their core interest areas based on their behaviours of usage of online sites with WorkStatus.

Workforce Monitoring

With WorkStatus’ Privileged User Monitoring, conduct danger evaluation, forensic research and safety auditing the use of whole consultation recording and metadata evaluation and immutable logging functions.

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