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Monitor & Manage your Remote or WFH Employees with our intuitive Employee Time Tracking Software.

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Manage your employee with Workstatus and enjoy profit in business.

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Benefits of Using Workstatus

Increases Productivity

You can use data to determine the productivity levels of your employees. This will allow you make sure they are productive and achieve their targets on time, which is crucial for any company looking towards growth!

Improves Employee Punctuality

We know that every minute of the day is important, which why our time tracking software helps you get your employees into work as soon as they start. You can set up shifts and timing accordingly so there's no excuse not to be punctual!

Time Management

The ability to manage your time and work more efficiently is essential for any employee. With WorkStatus time tracking software, you can capture data on what employees are doing at their desks or when they're away from it - giving insight into how best improve productivity overall!

Balance Work/Personal Life

By monitoring the time spent on a project, you can identify employees who are overworking themselves. This will allow you to make sure that their work environment is positive and maintain balance between personal life as well.

Accelerate Performance Review

With WorkStatus time tracking software, you can track the performance of each employee and identify if they are facing any obstacles on their way to success.

Automate Data Collection Tasks

WorkStatus is an AI powered time tracker that generates automated reports like employee timesheet, attendance data, productivity levels. so that it's easier than ever before!

Save time and effort, and Monitor employee productivity on the go!

Monitor employee productivity under one dashboard. Use Work Status, it is Easy to use, easy to customise, and easy to scale!

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Time Tracking

Work time calculator to precisely calculate time spent on activities by you and your team
members. The most efficient tool for remote workforce management.

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GPS Tracking

GPS enabled tracking to stay in touch with your team on the field. GPS tracking software to
manage the time and attendance of your mobile team members.

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Productivity Monitoring

Track URLs, App, Activity Percentage & more with this software for employee monitoring, time tracking, and reporting. Real-time automated time tracking.

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Online Timesheets

Employee time and attendance tracking software along with online timesheets for daily reports.
Track hours with online timesheets. Available on mobile apps and desktop

All-in-one time tracking app.

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What Our Customers Say

Ever since this pandemic hit, we have encouraged all our employees to work from home. But, one major problem was project management & employee time tracking. Then, we came across WorkStatus and now we track employee time & take the right steps to keep our plans aligned with our goals.

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Steve Adams

Consultant, USA

Star Rating

I would recommend using the WorkStatus app to everyone who wants to keep their business running smoothly. We used the software to track employee time across assigned projects. The software works well! It generates detailed reports for us to identify challenges & make the right decisions.

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Mike Williams

Project Manager, Malaysia

Star Rating

During this time, we have been looking for a tool that streamlines our employee management process. Being a startup, we didn’t have many choices, so we did everything manually. But, then we tried WorkStatus, and I would say that it’s a great software to complete employee management. A 10/10 from me!

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Rohit M

Consultant, G2

Star Rating

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