Employee Monitoring & Productivity

Location-Based Attendance Tracking with Geofencing

Due to the Covid-19 outbreak, companies shifted their office work function to a work from home model. Remote work became the only option to keep the organizations at work. Thus, it was widely accepted by the managers and the employees. … Read More

How to manage Staff scheduling

How to Manage Remote Work Schedules? Complete Guide

The office-going rituals turned into remote office functions due to the penetration of the Covid-19 virus. It’s more than a year since the organizations are handling their entire office functions in remote work schedule form.  The system has become quite … Read More

remote employee monitoring software

What You Need to Know About Remote Employee Monitoring Software

Your employees are the biggest asset for your business helping you drive more revenue and acquire new clientele. But how effectively are you able to manage their work, track their productivity, and delegate tasks especially when they work from home? … Read More

7 Key Benefits of Employee Scheduling in Businesses

7 Key Benefits of Employee Scheduling in Businesses

Employee scheduling is something every enterprise has in common. It should be an easy and transparent method for all parties concerned. But don’t waste more time on the planner when you could be doing something more interesting. You can save … Read More

Employee Monitoring in us legal

Guide to Employee Monitoring Laws of the U.S.

In the United States of America monitoring employees is a completely legal activity. Almost all federal and state laws permit employers to monitor their owned devices (used by employees), especially where there lies the business intent. Employers can monitor their … Read More

Employee Monitoring Tools: A Threat to Privacy or Productivity Booster?

Do you know that the global market for employee monitoring tools enhanced by 108% in April and 70% in May 2020 related to searches conducted the preceding year?   Since remote working has become the new reality, hundreds of employee … Read More

Top 22 Workplace Productivity Statistics You Cannot Afford to Ignore in 2021

Top 22 Workplace Productivity Statistics You Cannot Afford to Ignore in 2021

At times you can sense that something is right. You can feel it, in your gut. However, in a cut-throat business world, you cannot rely on your gut feeling to make a decision. You need facts on your side.    … Read More

GTD method to manage time and tasks

Productivity Hack Alert! Follow the Getting Things Done (GTD) Method to Streamline Your Tasks

Are you one of those who make a plan every day and then smash it before the day ends? Click to rate this post! [Total: 1 Average: 5] … Read More

employee productivity hacks

Stop! Want to Take Your Business a Level Up? These Hacks Will Help You Out!

Imagine this…it is 10 am. You have already grabbed a cup of coffee with a precise to-do list. You know what you are going to work on today and feeling great about it. Suddenly, you hear a tone DING, and … Read More

Productive People

Attention! Find Top 9 Unheard Secrets Behind the Most Productive People

What if I say you can boost your productivity by 90%? Most of you will think that I am talking in the air! Well, you are wrong! Everyone wants to be the most productive version of themselves. However, have you … Read More