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Employee Time Tracking Software

With Workstatus Employee time tracking software, focus more on completing tasks than staring at clocks to race against time.

  • Record time in timesheets
  • Desktop, web, and mobile apps
  • Feature rich dashboard
Improve your Everyday Workforce Productivity with

Employee Time Tracking Software

Cut down on time invested in employee management. Check out how Workstatus works as an ultimate employee time tracking app for any industry that you are in.

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Get Instant Access to

Time Tracking


Online Timesheets

Daily timesheets, even accessible to remote workers. Calculate work hours easily. No More Spreadsheets, Just Workstatus.

Manual Timesheet Edits

Edit or let your team edit timesheets incase of any forgotten entries. Workforce management software enables you with manual edits with notes for more transparency and precision.

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What More to Expect from

Employee Time Tracking Software

Get projects sorted and employees satisfied without any discrepancies. Transparent, precise, and accessible records to host righteous decisions.

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Time Tracking Software

Workstatus’ employee time tracking software with screenshot and activity capturing allows you to accurately track time spent on a particular project. It easily configures with Window and Mac devices to calculate work hours very precisely silently in the back end.

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Export Timesheets of Full Staff

Cut down on your efforts of micro-analyzing sheets for each member by getting detailed timesheets generated and sent to you by online timesheet software. With time tracking software and work hour calculator you can easily generate reports of time invested in a client’s project, productivity, progress, and billable hours in the same place.

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Time Tracking Apps

Track employee punctuality with Workstatus’ GPS and time tracking apps. Set up in mobile devices this time clock app for GPS to track in and out time accurately. Send out reminders through this software to calculate work hours to keep your employees aware of their activities.

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“ I'm happy with the Workstatus. The productivity calculator enabled my workers to be more productive than ever. ”



“ I'm glad I made the switch from Hubstaff to Workstatus. On every front, there have been significant improvements, and the product is easy to use. ”



“ A perfect remote employee monitoring software for an enterprise of any size. It has streamlined our tracking capabilities with its millions of time tracking features. ”



“ Our company has embraced Workstatus, and it's become a part of our work culture. Every member—from our CEO to our freelancers—uses this software. ”



“ For about a year, we have been using Workstatus. It has greatly improved our staff's productivity. ”



“ Our agency has been using Workstatus for past many years. It has made the whole process of tracking time for employees amazingly simple. ”



“ Workstatus's URL monitoring, screenshots, task scheduling, and weekly activity summaries eliminate reporting overhead expenses and brought deeper transparency in the process. ”



“ To be honest, I am a super fan of WorkStatus.Workstatus saves us a lot of time in generating automated reports at the end of the day. I love pretty much all of the features. ”



We believe in numbers

An all-in-one employee time tracker app and time tracking software seamlessly managing on-field and remote employee monitoring across the globe.


Active users tracked


Total hours tracked


Ways to track time


Tasks completed

A Unified Dashboard for Team and Time Management

Calculate work hours to Improve Productivity

Know your staff’s productivity with an activity tracker. It is a full-proof time tracker with screenshots, URL tracker, and percentage management with task management tool.

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Track Active Hours

Track hours and location in the same dashboard. A smart attendance management and time clock app to mark attendance and track location to ensure tasks are in effect.

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Analyze Task Budget

Set, track, and analyze budget and hours for every task. Get notified with each progress through your employee time tracking software and task scheduling app with Workstatus.

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How Do You Want to Save Your Data?

Save on Cloud

Works exactly like any other app. Save all your data with the cloud to get omni-access to your data from wherever you log in to your time tracking app. Your data is extremely secure with multi-layered secure login and authentication.

Host On-Premise Solution

Looking for custom and self-hosted solutions for your organization? If you have the IT team to pull it off, we can help you get time tracking and employee monitoring software installed in your system. We will use the servers provided by your company to store the data.

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Improve the Overall Quality of Work You Do

Don't waste your time in invoicing, payrolls, and timesheets management. In just one dashboard of this workforce management software track time, projects, employees and manage expenses simultaneously. Workstatus does the best what it is assigned for.


Time Management Software

for Every Industry

More than 15 industries trust Workstatus for their everyday
time tracking and attendance management of in-house and remote staff.

Workstatus for Your Device

Our lightweight app allows you and your team to track time, no matter where you are. With GPS tracking and geofences, anyone can clock in automatically when they enter a job site or get reminders based on location.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best employee/staff time tracking software?

Workstatus is the best employee task management software software. It is a superb AI-powered time tracking tool with screen-capturing capabilities,productivity measurement tools, and URL tracker. After signing up, you may get minute-by-minute comprehensive productivity stats. Along with tracking employee productivity, Workstatus allows you to enjoy the following perks-

  • Automate your Administrative work.

  • Save the amount of money spent on resources.

  • Boost your time management.

  • Increased efficiency of the workforce.

  • Time tracker app

What is the role of time tracking software?

If you are wondering how to calculate work hours, then time tracking software enables businesses to calculate the amount of time their employees, staff, or workforce spending during working hours. This allows teams to monitor when they are spending too much or too little time on tasks helping them to assign work to their members. One such activity time tracking program is Workstatus. It keeps track of how long you spend working even if your computer is idle. With the premium version, you may keep track of user actions with screenshots and mouse recordings. It also enhances transparency in the infrastructure.

What type of businesses need time tracking software?

Employee Time tracking software like Workstatus is mainly used by all the established companies that pay employees hourly. It's exclusively used by employers to keep an eye on the hours worked in order to avoid paying people for too many or too few hours. Freelance professionals who are paid per hour also utilize it.

Does employee time tracking software work offline?

Yes, most of the time, tracking software works offline. Employee time clock app like Workstatus can keep track of employee time and send data to the app for analysis even when there is a lack of internet access.

Why is employee/staff/team time tracking important?

Employee time tracking is critical since it aids in the management of daily team efforts and current work progress. It's essential because it lets managers plan for future activities, make sure they are on track with deadlines, and so on. Managers use time tracking tools like Workstatus to keep track of employees' time and ensure they don't take more or less than what was allocated for them, making workers feel a part of the team.

How does the time tracking tool work?

The time tracking software tools tools keep track of the time, as well as other activities and events. It also includes a variety of other features to manage work status and team workflow. Such programs enable you to create new tasks and projects as well as modify existing ones. Creating timesheets is quick and simple, requiring simply adding hours to the current week. Moreover, users can attach files and notes to their task or project to better understand what needs to be done.

Is there any mobile application that can track time?

Yes, Workstatus is a mobile app that can be used to track time. It lets you keep track of how much time you've spent without even launching the program. You will receive notifications on your browser when you begin and end your shift. Tracking begins automatically as soon as you begin working. As a result, Workstatus allows employers to monitor the productivity of their employees.

Does the time track tool access our location?

Yes, the device's location is transmitted to the time track tool's server, like Workstatus. But, it will not be shared with anyone unless you give consent. We obtain your location information so that we may provide more accurate timings.

How often do employee/staff/team time tracking tools take screenshots?

Aside from the basic features, an employee monitoring software's screenshots taking capability varies from program to program. Time tracking programs like Workstatus take screen captures every minute to enhance measurement accuracy and provide you comprehensive reports with a lot of detail.

Does employee/staff / Team time tracking software also record screens?

Yes, Workstatus captures screen activity. The screen recording software makes it simpler to identify when workers were active and working. If an employee claims they have worked a certain number of hours but you record them using Workstatus, it creates a backup in case the employee lies about how many hours they have worked. This way, they will see if the agreed-upon tasks are being performed as expected.

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