Real-Time Track Task Progress with

Employee Monitoring Software

  • Screenshot tracking to tab activities
  • Track activity by App and URL
  • Precision in activity tracking with keyboard and mouse usage
  • Seamlessly track and export reports
  • Run-on Chrome, Windows, Mac, and Linux

Track Employee activities

in real time to understand your team’s daily performance and behavior

Get updates on how your team is working and collate them together to find productivity patterns of your team. Check out how Workstatus enables employee monitoring for you.


Activity Screenshots for Seamless Tracking

Assign tasks to employees and easily keep a note of what they’re working on throughout the day. Check their productivity precisely with keyboard and mouse percentage for every screenshot or in a consolidated report to know if your remote and in-house employees are working to their full potential with our employee monitoring software for remote teams.

Set screenshot timer to 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 15 minutes, or more as per your policies to keep tracking employee activities throughout the day.

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Check-in On The Go

For employees on the run, get the best employee monitoring software developed by Workstatus downloaded on their mobiles to track their activities, routes, and Jobsite visits. The GPS tracking system by Workstatus does not capture screenshots of mobile activities but notes down their routes and locations of on-field employees.

Available for: &

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Remote Employee Monitoring

With Workstatus' remote employee computer monitoring software, team members can easily choose the project they’re working on and start the timer. Managers can track the productivity of their distant employees with access to the dashboard and reports. Get updates on average productivity, idle system time, and hours spent on projects of every employee.

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Eliminate Manual Punches

Geofence job sites, client sites, and work locations of your team members to automate punches for your workforce. The geofence time tracking app eliminates the hassle of manual punches and makes attendance calculation errors and manual adjustments free. Geofence with our employee monitoring software can be your aid to track the team’s activities during work hours.

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Employee Monitoring Software

Focus on growing rather than micro-managing employees. Do not spend a minute more on asking members individually about their daily reports. Track or get notified online about progress, missed deadlines, and delays with Workstatus. The online employee tracking software for remote workers, on-field, and in-house employees tracks projects, locations, activities throughout the working hours.

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“ I'm happy with the Workstatus. The productivity calculator enabled my workers to be more productive than ever. ”



“ I'm glad I made the switch from Hubstaff to Workstatus. On every front, there have been significant improvements, and the product is easy to use. ”



“ A perfect remote employee monitoring software for an enterprise of any size. It has streamlined our tracking capabilities with its millions of time tracking features. ”



“ Our company has embraced Workstatus, and it's become a part of our work culture. Every member—from our CEO to our freelancers—uses this software. ”



“ For about a year, we have been using Workstatus. It has greatly improved our staff's productivity. ”



“ Our agency has been using Workstatus for past many years. It has made the whole process of tracking time for employees amazingly simple. ”



“ Workstatus's URL monitoring, screenshots, task scheduling, and weekly activity summaries eliminate reporting overhead expenses and brought deeper transparency in the process. ”



“ To be honest, I am a super fan of WorkStatus.Workstatus saves us a lot of time in generating automated reports at the end of the day. I love pretty much all of the features. ”



We believe in numbers

An all-in-one time tracking app and employee monitoring software seamlessly managing remote and on-field teams across the globe.


Active users tracked


total hours tracked


ways to track time


Tasks completed

Precisely Track Tasks & Activities

Track, Optimize with insights, and enhance productivity at every level

Improve Awareness

Track employees’ activities not just to monitor productivity but, find out the roadblocks. Check websites they visit, the tools they use, and the time they invest. Identify loopholes and help them perform better by enabling better feedback if needed.

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Insightful Reports

Dig into precisely detailed reports so as to create analysis with precision. Create filters, compare, and analyze the next move smartly with Workstatus. Increase accountability with daily emailed timesheets and productivity reports.

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Save Hours

View daily, weekly, monthly, or customized timesheets of your employees. Customize access to manage time, view, add, edit, and delete time manually at the same time. Add notes for more clarification.

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Every Industry needs

employee monitoring

, Hence a specific solution for you

The best employee monitoring Software for every industry with the ability to track employees in real-time with programs perfect for any industry.

Workstatus for Your Device

Our lightweight app allows you and your team to track time, no matter where you are. With GPS tracking and geofences, anyone can clock in automatically when they enter a job site or get reminders based on location.

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Workstatus account required to use apps

Frequently Asked Questions

What is employee-monitoring software?

Employee monitoring software, also known as "time and attendance management" or "employee tracking software", is a company's solution to the problem of workplace communication. The primary function of these programs is to allow supervisors or managers some insight into what their employees are doing at work. It reveals the user's location, computer login and logout times, keystrokes and applications being used, Internet browsing history, and other interactions. Most solutions also allow a manager to view a remote computer screen remotely and take control of a remote desktop to type at their employee's keyboard.

Every business needs to ensure that employees are working as efficiently as possible, but the only way to get confirmed is by equipping them with employee-monitoring software. Companies often use it to remotely monitor emails, web browsing history, detect computer activity like opening/closing programs, etc., and access to private files to gain control of their assets or save money through increased efficiency. For instance, they can track the amount of time it takes for an employee to complete a certain task.

It monitors the actions of your employees by using behavioral profiling to determine which rules were violated, and then it logs or reports the activity, including user identification information. It's generally used by large enterprise companies with many employees with discretion over different business areas. It can help reduce fraud, protect proprietary information, manage data security risks, monitor sensitive operations, and reduce wasted time by identifying broken processes.

WorkStatus is an excellent remote employee monitoring software that reveals the user's location using GPS technology, logging activity time with screenshots taken every second (or customized intervals), highlighting what keywords were inputted by the user, and even logging web browser history. It also provides an objective way of measuring productivity among employees in different departments. It can record user activity indefinitely and create graphs for data analysis of behavior patterns, which could determine if an employee was acting under his own accord or on orders from a superior.

How does employee monitoring software work?

Employee monitoring software helps management keep a check on the employee's productivity and take corrective action where needed. The software tracks employees' activities, logs data from their computer or device, and alerts managers when it identifies a problem. Companies with large workforces mainly use it to review their performance through an objective set of metrics generated by the keystrokes.

Employee tracking software works by monitoring all the activities generated by the employee, including file access, website visits, screenshots, and mouse movements. It logs all commands from both keyboard and computer mouse. Screenshots are generated at user-specified intervals to show the activities that the employees performed over a period of time.

Remote employee monitoring software also records time on task or how long work was done on a computer during that period by recording mouse movements, keystrokes per minute (KPM), and tracking opened applications. It accounts for idle time as well. It also generates reports based on the activity recorded from metrics such as keystrokes, mouse movements, and opened applications.

Thus, employee computer monitoring software tools are designed to help employers detect unauthorized access to company networks, highlight potential security vulnerabilities by telling them where their weakest spots are, and analyze user habits on the computer system.

What is the best way to monitor my employee's systems?

Workstatus is so far the best way to monitor your employee's systems. Workstatus is the carrier of next-generation employee monitoring software that allows you to view up-to-date reports about your employees' behavior on their system. Workstatus will enable you to monitor and track all such activities that can be monitored, such as instant messages, emails, web browser history, keystrokes, screenshots, and much more.

Which is the best tool to track my employee's work?

As we know, there are many employee monitoring software for remote teams, but Workstatus is the best software. This is a handy tool to track employees' work because it gives employers an insight into employees' activities. This reduces the time needed to find out what employees are up to. It also informs employers about when they should expect certain activities from their employees.

How Much does Employee Monitoring Cost?

The cost of remote employee monitoring software varies from tool to tool. If you have been looking for the most economical and effective software, then try Workstatus because it provides the most cost-effective plans to its customers.

Workstatus, an employee tracking software, is free to download. With its free 14-day trial, you can use it on as many computers as you like for all active accounts. You may try the other subscription options below

  • Starter Package: $4.99/user/month

  • Scale Package: $9.99/user/month

  • Enterprise Package: $18/user/month

To know more details, check the link- https://www.workstatus.io/pricing.

Does employee monitoring software take screenshots?

Employee monitoring software like Workstatus allows you to take screenshots for better productivity and easy tracking of the day-to-day activities of your employees. Check their productivity with a keyboard and mouse percentage for every screenshot or in a comprehensive report to see if your remote and in-house workers are operating at maximum efficiency. You may customize the screenshot timer to 5,10,15, or more minutes as desired to track activity throughout the day.

Which is the best employee/staff Monitoring software?

Workstatus is the best employee monitoring software. With Workstatus, employees can check their schedules and send updates, making it easy for employers to keep track of what they are doing. This monitoring software also has the option of setting rules such as if an employee forgets to send an update by a particular time, they will get an alert.

Is employee monitoring legal?

Employees shouldn't expect total privacy when it comes to workplace monitoring. Employers have the right to monitor internet usage and emails for a genuine business purpose. Before implementing any employee computer monitoring software, we recommend that you refer legal counsel to make sure that you follow monitoring procedures and requirements according to the law.

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